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Leadership Training

All of the leadership training programmes that we deliver are totally unique to the organisation. We use EQi-2.0 and EQi 360 tools to help us assess emotional intelligence and study self-regard, self-expression and decision-making processes and then develop programmes to improve on these. There are a number of leadership training programmes that we can design from developing confidence to improving leadership skills, and in every case, we will help you achieve the results you want. Our Positive Action Leadership programmes are accredited by the ILM.




In every organisation whether it be a public or private company, an overriding objective will always be to provide a better service to your customers. A connection with the customer and communities is essential for all businesses. The connection between your service and the customer is crucial for a sustained relationship.

Deep Insight is here to work with your organisation to examine behaviours and operations and look at how services can be improved. This is not orthodox coaching, but a road to discovery. We use tools such as EQi-2.0 to ask the pertinent, challenging questions that will inspire employees to realise their full potential in the workplace and encourage them to continuously improve service.



Diversity Training

If you are providing a service, it is essential that you understand and appreciate the people using that service. It is critical that your organisation understands the nuances, the cultural issues and different ways of thinking that different communities may have, as this will ensure you provide the most effective service. At Deep Insight we are not afraid to have the difficult conversations that will help you understand how to think differently so that your organisation is better prepared for the world we live in today.





Recent Programmes 

  • Direct Entry London 2019 - Police Service promo video with Green Park
  • Developing Diverse Leaders Programme - Greater Manchester Police 2018
  • Professional Development Action Learning Sets - PeDALS 2018

  • Rwanda Senior Leadership Programme - 2018
  • Senior Leadership Programme - Kenyan National Police Service 2018
  • Leadership Strategy Development - National Police of Peru 2017

  • Workforce Representation Programme - Greater Manchester Police 2017
  • ILM Qualifications - BMW Group Academy 2018
  • Together for Growth - Royal Mail 2015
  • Senior Leadership Programme - College of Policing - 2010-2013


For further details about leadership training, coaching and diversity training, please contact us at Deep Insight to find out how we can help.

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