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Board training to increase representation on Public Boards in Wales

What is the project?

Deep Insight and Afallen are pleased to be able to offer fully-funded online training with the aim of increasing representation on Public Boards in Wales*. Funding for the training is provided by Welsh Government. Training programmes are delivered through the medium of Welsh and English.

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Public Leaders of the Future; 6 half-days

With the aim of increasing representation on Public Boards, the Welsh Government are running Near Ready Leadership Programmes in 2024 aimed specifically at leaders in Wales who are:

  • Disabled people

  • Individuals from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds


To participate in the 3-day training programme for aspiring Board members you must also confirm that you desire to join a public sector Board in Wales.

Board introduction; 3 half-days

Introduction training for new Board members of regulated non-health Bodies in Wales. It will equip new appointees with key information needed to carry out the role.

Diversity and inclusion; 2 half-days

Training for Chairs and Board members of regulated non-health public Bodies in Wales. It will provide participants with an understanding of equalities legislation, the Social Model of Disability, reasonable adjustments, systemic/institutional racism and anti-racism.

Frequently asked questions


Who is delivering the training?
Our two lead trainers are Dr Kul Verma and Dr David Clubb.

Where and when is the training going to be delivered?
All the training is going to be delivered online during February and March 2024. We are accepting applications in December 2023 and January 2024.

How can I demonstrate my training and development to others?

We will provide a certificate of completion to every learner who completes each training programme.
This will add to your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in your role as a member or prospective member of a board.

*Are there any exclusions to the training offer?
Health boards in Wales are not eligible for this training. The near-ready leadership programme is only available to people from the specified demographics. The Board Introduction, and the Diversity and Inclusion programmes, are available to all who meet the criteria of regulated Board membership.

What are regulated Boards?
These are the Boards that are regulated by the Public Appointments Commissioner. Only Board members of these organisations are eligible for the Board Introduction, and the Diversity and Inclusion training.

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