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Deep Insight and national police service, kenya

Deep Insight, on behalf of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, was commissioned to design and deliver a Senior Leadership Programme for the National Police Service, Kenya

Our remit was to provide knowledge and skills for empowering leadership approaches within the investigation sphere. A two-week programme was delivered in Nairobi, to a cohort of officers specialising in Anti-Terrorism policing. 

The programme delivered the objectives, with delegates reporting that they were engaged, inspired, and that it had improved their leadership awareness. The Deep Insight unique training approach created learning scenarios full of activities (lemons, two chefs, paper planes and spaghetti towers!), in-depth facilitated discussions, and fabulous action planning for the workplace. 

We formed strong relationships and demonstrated that we provided value-for-money training that was effective and impactful. We loved the delivery, and with 96% satisfaction rates reported via surveys, we're proud of our contribution to creating capacity to improve UK security around the world. 

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