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Making a real change at North West Ambulance Service

Deep Insight has completed a successful three-year contract with North West Ambulance Service, delivering Beyond Bias training. The contract was completed a year ahead of schedule.

Our programme delivered half-day workshops on exploring biases and how these can affect decision making. All participants were able to review their leadership styles and how they could make the working environment more inclusive.

Originally we were commissioned to deliver 42 sessions. However, following positive feedback from the first 10 sessions, NWAS requested our involvement be extended to deliver a further 40-plus sessions.

The feedback has been phenomenal with a Net Promoter score of 9.2% which we’re really pleased with. We feel it’s a glowing indictment of the quality of training Deep Insight delivers.

As an exit plan, we have produced a Beyond Bias video so that lived experiences can be captured and utilised by the internal training team going forward. We’re proud to have created a future plan for NWAS inclusion learning through our unique innovative and creative training programme.

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