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How To Get Past The Elephant

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

As part of their Black History Month programme, Richmond and Wandsworth Council invited Deep Insight to lead online sessions for the staff association and senior team leaders, including Chief Executive Mark Maidment. This was part of the Council's work to support the working environment of black, Asian and minority ethnic staff.

The sessions covered discussions aimed at all staff to enable them to get a better understanding of some issues within programmes relating to equality, diversity and inclusion. Why diversity is necessary and the importance of enabling courageous conversations. Tackling the Elephant In The Room.

For non-BAME colleagues – how to address their own biases and become an active ally and an agent for change.

Also to empower BAME staff to "Be Proud" and value themselves when organisations and power structures are slow to change.

Deep Insight were very proud to be involved and the sessions went really well, proved very interesting and raised important issues, scoring a high Net Promoter Score.

“On behalf of the Race Equality Network at Richmond and Wandsworth Councils, I would like to thank you immensely for your contribution to our 2021 Black History Month programme. It couldn’t have been any more fitting to have someone with your level of expertise in leadership development and diversity come in to speak to our members and the wider organisation. Your presentation was extremely insightful and inspired some great conversation between colleagues. Thank you for your message around holding senior leadership to account on equalities issues. And thank you for beginning that dialogue with Our Chief Executive during the event, you were firm and direct but still handled the interaction with such poise. It was extremely admirable and set a brilliant example to staff about how to have these kind of conversations. We really appreciate your efforts and look forward to hopefully working with you again in the future.”

Okorite Amachree

Vice Chair, Race Equality Network

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