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Roundtable Insights

In April 2022, Deep Insight's Dr Kul Verma was one of the Expert session presenters at Libratum's Roundtable on the Future of Wellness in the Workplace.

Attendees included HR and business leaders from Entertainment One, McDonalds, LVMH, Cripps Pemberton Greenish, Sky, KeyedIn and MWW PR.

As part of the Roundtable, Kul presented Inclusive and Brave Conversations.

During the session the subjects explored were:

Courageous conversations

These can be difficult and sometimes confrontational. These conversations only happen if the environment supports it. We need to create an environment where people can have an open dialogue and feel safe in doing so.

In creating the business case for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, we need to tie the emotional, moral and human argument to business and customer objectives, aligning the ‘right thing to do’ with tangible business outcomes.

The Black Lives Matter movement impacted us at an individual level. For some, it highlighted our differences, but also helped us to recognise that differences should be celebrated.

We Learned...

We need to step out of our comfort zone and ‘stretch’ when it comes to diversity. Having brave conversations is important.

Inclusion is about welcoming, belonging and involving. It’s a positive act. Leaders need to know how they can make a big positive impact, with small steps (e.g. smiling, thinking about the words we use, having courageous conversations).

Libratum On The Pulse: Guest - Feedback and Comments

"Well-structured, good to get open viewpoints on wellbeing and idea generation around hybrid working"

"I found the speakers to incredibly well-spoken and prepared on their subjects. The position they conveyed was contagious"

"It was encouraging to see everyone wants to make a positive change in their company"

"Great way to obtain information on important wellness topics and also get other opinions"

"Great speakers, confident yet calm. It made for a safe space"

"Really informative and thought provoking session"

To read the full story, together with more on Libratum's Roundtable sessions, visit the Libratum Wellness Hub.

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